The Viktualienmarkt
in the heart
of Munich.

Farmers’ market

Typical Munich.

The Viktualienmarkt in the heart of Munich’s historic city centre was originally a farmers’ market and herbal market. Today, the Viktualienmarkt is a favourite place for connoisseurs and gourmets and for visitors, who can find everything their heart desires here, from urban Bavarian goods to exotic fruits. The market used to be located on Munich’s Marienplatz until the beginning of the 19th century, and over time changed from a small market to today’s Viktualienmarkt. At first, the square was simply called Marktplatz and only later became Viktualienmarkt due to the late Latin word Viktualien, an expression for food. It was not until 1890 that the Viktualienmarkt reached its current size, with a few additions such as the pavilions for fruit sales and a North Sea fishing hall.


Decorated fountains and singing musicians

Fountains at the Viktualienmarkt

In addition to the numerous stalls, the Viktualienmarkt also features fountains with Munich originals as fountain figures: the folk singers and comedians Karl Valentin, Weiß Ferdl and Liesl Karlstadt as well as Ida Schumacher, Elise Aulinger and Roider Jackl. On the first Friday in August, the fountain festival, the fountains are colourfully decorated and there are performances by musicians, artists and actors.

Maypole at the Viktualienmarkt

The maypole belongs to every Bavarian village and so the former third mayor of Munich, Albert Bayerle, expressed the wish that Munich should also have a maypole. In 1962, the Munich breweries erected the first maypole at the Viktualienmarkt. The groups of figures attached to the maypole depict motifs from Munich life: Brewery team, Oktoberfest, Schäffler dance, musician and dancing couple, stall woman and beer bar, Munich city flags and the patron saints of brewers, St Boniface and St Florian.


The maypole as a landmark of the Viktualienmarkt


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