In addition to the many fresh fruit and vegetable stands, Munich’s Viktualienmarkt also offers the finest sausage and meat products. Not only under the Petersbergl with the famous Metzgerzeile, but also at the Viktualienmarkt in front of the Heiliggeist church, you can find a wide variety of sausage products.

Butcher row – over 700 years of butchery

Next to Café Rischart are eight butchers, some of whom have been in business for decades, selling their wares in small butcher shops. In addition to the classic sausage products, you can also get snacks, meat rolls, and Leberkassemmel, a Munich specialty.

The butchers were the first merchants to move from Marienplatz to Viktualienmarkt. King Ludwig the Bavarian thought it’s inappropriate for butchers to slaughter animals and sell their wares directly at the market. In 1315, the butchers were moved to what was then the city wall. The now abandoned Pfister creek flowed here, and the butchers could dispose of their butchery waste quickly and easily. It was not until 500 years later that the other merchants moved to today’s Viktualienmarkt. Today’s brick butcher row (Metzgerzeile) was built in the 1970s and houses not only the butchers, but also the oldest shop at the Viktualienmarkt, Holz-Leute, and the Rischart bakery and café on the corner.

Butchers in section V of the Viktualienmarkt

Section V is home to other butchers and speciality retailers such as the Horse Butcher, Stephani’s Chicken Paradise and venison specialists. Whether you are looking for a Leberkassemmel to go, fresh cold cuts and sausages for a snack in the beer garden, meat for a barbecue or a goose for Christmas, you will find what you are looking for here. You can also get Munich veal sausage (Weisswurst) at most butcher’s stands!