Map at the Viktualienmarkt.

Munich’s Viktualienmarkt is divided into seven sections, which are designated by Roman numerals. The departments are not signposted on the Viktualienmarkt itself.

Map of the Viktualienmarkt

Section I – Fruit & Vegetables

Section I is located along the thoroughfare with the official name Viktualienmarkt. Fruit is offered here at the open-air fruit market under umbrella stands around the honey fountain. The stalls are also framed by cheese and game traders.

Section II – Obst & Blumen

Adjacent to the Schrannenhalle and the Pschorr restaurant is section II with the Café Nymphenburg, fruit stands and the popular Karl Valentin fountain.

Section III

Section III is located around the potato fountain along Frauenstraße. Here you will find potato merchants, the soup kitchen, the Exoten Müller and the Bäckerliesl.

Section IV – beer garden & Maypole

The center of the Viktualienmarkt is in section IV, where the popular beer garden, the maypole and the Liesl Karlstadt fountain are located. Adjacent to the beer garden is the fish hall, which houses a branch of Nordsee. Wreaths, palm branches and mushrooms are sold in front of the beer garden and next to the maypole.

Abteilung V – Butcher & Baker

There are several butchers and bakeries right next to the Heilig-Geist-Kirche church and around the Elise-Aulinger fountain.

Section VI

The Ganserlmarkt (geese market) used to be located along Westenriederstraße in the east of the Viktualienmarkt and there are still poultry traders here today. The former Kuttlerhalle (“tripe’s hall“)now sells a variety of products, including fish.

Section VII – Butcher Row & Café

In section VII, which is located on Petersbergl (“mountain of St. Peter“) below St. Peter’s Church (Alter Peter), you will find the Metzgerzeile (butcher row) and the Rischart bakery on the corner. The café on the terrace above the butchers is also run by Rischart.