Schrannenhalle at the Viktualienmarkt.

The Schrannenhalle, adjacent to the Viktualienmarkt, was formerly used as a grain market and today houses the first German branch of the Italian delicatessen chain Eataly. Built in 1851 by Karl Muffat, the Schrannenhalle was demolished at the beginning of the 20th century and only rebuilt in 2005.

For many Munich residents, it was a shame that the Schrannenhalle was used as a car park, so there was great joy when the hall was returned to its original location in 2005. The history of the Schrannenhalle came to an end in 1912 when the wholesale market was moved to the new Grossmarkthalle. Between 1914 and 1927, parts of the hall were dismantled and used as a warehouse for the Moosach gas works. By chance, city historian Volker Hütsch discovered the remains of the hall, and in 1980 an expert report by the Technical University of Munich concluded that the hall could be rebuilt.

In southern Germany, the grain market or granary is known as the Schranne.

In the end, it took another 25 years for the Schrannenhalle to reopen on the site that had been used as a car park. At first, the hall was home to numerous small shops, craftsmen and restaurants. In 2009, a new operator took over the Schrannenhalle and in 2011 launched a new concept with fewer retailers and many non-food vendors. This concept also failed, and in 2015 a tenant was found for the entire hall.

Eataly in Munich

The Italian delicatessen chain operates more than 25 stores worldwide and opened its first German store in Munich’s Schrannenhalle in 2015. The concept consists of a market area with Italian and Bavarian producers, an Italian restaurant with changing specialities from different regions of Italy, and a cooking school in the basement. In one corner of the hall is a sales area for Italian bicycle manufacturer Bianchi.

Pschorr – bavarian restaurant at the head of the Schrannenhalle

As the name suggests, the restaurant is run by the Hacker-Pschorr brewery and serves classic Bavarian cuisine. Given the exclusive location, the prices of food and drinks are expectedly high.

At the other end of the hall is the entrance to the Schrannehalle parking garage.