Fountain festival

Fountains at the

The Viktualienmarkt has several fountains dotted around the entire market area. Most of the fountains are named after singers and personalities and in August there is a fountain festival in their honor with decorated fountains, music and dancing. The fountains are also decorated by the market people throughout the year – so one or other of the figures has a few flowers in their hands.

Karte der Brunnen auf dem Viktualienmarkt

Elise Aulinger Fountain

Since 1977, there has also been a fountain in honour of Elise Aulinger on the Viktualienmarkt. She was a German folk actress and first read from Ludwig Thomas’s The Holy Night on Bavarian radio in 1925. Among other things, she is regarded as the inventor of the Ratschkathi – which she embodied as the market woman Veronika Wurzl in the revue operetta Münchner Luft.

Weiß Ferdl Fountain

The Weiß Ferdl fountain in the Viktualienmarkt beer garden has been bubbling away since 1953. The fountain was turned on by the widow Bertl Weiß. It is best known to Munich residents for the Line 8 song, which later became the anthem of tram enthusiasts.

Roider Jackl Fountain

Jakob Roider was a forester and Bavarian folk singer known for his Gstanzl (traditional type of mocking song). He performed at various strong beer festivals in Bavaria and particularly thrilled the people of Munich with his performances at the Nockherberg for the Salvatoranstich (tapping a beer barrel) between 1954 and 1974.

Liesl Karlstadt Fountain

Elisabeth Wellano, known as Liesl Karlstadt, was an actress and cabaret artist and was particularly well known in Munich for her comedy duo with Karl Valentin. After Karl Valentin’s death, she also appeared on stage in serious roles at the Kammerspiele and the Residenztheater.

Karl Valentin Fountain

Karl Valentin Fountain – Since 1953, the water has rippled around the Munich comedian and folk singer who lived in Munich and the surrounding area from 1882 to 1948. Karl Valentin, who was born in Munich’s Au district, is particularly popular and well-known among the people of Munich for his plays with Liesl Karlstadt. The Musäum im Isartor is dedicated to him and his stage partner. The fountain was designed by sculptor Ernst Andreas Rauch and was presented by his stage partner at the time, Liesl Karlstadt, in 1953. The fountain is located in front of the Schrannenhalle.

Ida Schumacher Fountain

The Lower Bavarian Ida Schumacher was a Bavarian theatre actress and comedian and stands as the character Ratschkathi with a bucket and broom at the Viktualienmarkt near the maypole.

Potatoe Fountain

Potato fountain – The fountain is probably the most inconspicuous fountain on the Viktualienmarkt and is one of Munich’s permanent fountains – i.e. it is open all year round and provides drinking water. It used to stand near the Harlachinger Schwaige tram stop and was only relocated to the Viktualienmarkt at the Kartoffelmarkt in 1975.


The fountain, which is named after the nearby Honighäusl stand, came to the Viktualienmarkt in 1974. Before that, it was already in Haidhausen in the Grube and in Baldurstraße and has now been splashing in Munich for over 100 years.